Carpal Tunnel Release

48-year-old right-handed woman developed numbness and tingling in both hands. She had been a telephone operator for 14 years without a problem. After intensive 411 operator training, numbness and tingling started in both hands. Electrical testing failed to demonstrate conclusive evidence of carpal tunnel syndrome. After 6 years of pills, splints, and reduced hand activity, the numbness continued. Carpal tunnel surgery was performed to allow more room for blood to flow to the nerve and allow numbness to go away.

After the right-hand surgery completely relieved numbness, the other hand was operated upon 3 weeks later. Full work duties, without restriction were possible 2 months after the second surgery.

'After' photographs taken 5 months after right hand and 4 months 2 weeks after left hand surgery.

Pink color continues to fade for up to 1 to 1.5 yrs. after surgery.

The same 'after' results may not occur for all patients.